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The Finding Meaning Practice provides Executive Counselling services to CEO’s and senior leaders who are struggling with their mental health.  This is provided by Francis Lynch who is both an experienced CEO and a skilled and experienced counsellor. 

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The “Living with Purpose Interviews” podcast is a long form interview collection with people in the community. It is an occasional series of interviews focussed on how people think about purpose in their lives and how they maintain it.

The “Comments and Musings” podcast is a shorter form podcast with both interviews on specific issues, and opinion pieces by me. Over time this has included issues like Covid-19, leadership, organisational culture, and homelessness.

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I have written many articles over time, some of which are available here. They cover issues such as leadership, community sector development, housing and homelessness, organisational culture, and some personal reflections.

To learn more about me go the About page.

Photo of Francis Lynch - publisher of articles and the Living with Purpose Interviews, and Comments & Musings Podcast, on organisational culture, purpose, meaning, and social issues