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The Comments & Musings podcast published by Francis Lynch on purpose, meaning, organisational culture, and social issues

The Comments & Musings Podcast has interviews with people, and short opinion pieces on organisational culture, purpose, meaning, and social issues. It is an occasional podcast.

Noticing meaning in your life is helpful

I was talking with someone recently who said that they had given up trying to figure out the purpose and meaning of life. They said it was too difficult and had made them feel a bit hopeless.…

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Valuing what you put time into

Around Saturday lunchtime I look around the house and feel a sense of satisfaction as I can see clean floors, dry washing, and empty bins. There is something about doing it with my partner that makes me…

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Dave Pugh – Covid Impacts on Anglicare NT

In this episode I speak to Dave Pugh, the CEO at Anglicare NT, who has worked in the community sector for many years across Australia. Working in Darwin and regional parts of the Northern Territory during the…

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