The Finding Meaning Practice

The Finding Meaning Practice is a counselling and coaching practice of Francis Lynch focussed on values, meaning, purpose, and strengths

The Finding Meaning Practice provides Executive Counselling services to CEO’s and senior leaders who are struggling with their mental health. Sometimes a leader needs help addressing personal issues that are impacting on their ability to be their best in the workplace. This is not the time for coaching. Executive Counselling is provided by Francis Lynch who is both an experienced CEO and a skilled and experienced counsellor. Francis understands the unique pressures experienced by C-suite leaders and how counselling support can help a leader get back to their best.



In counselling sessions, we can explore your life experience in a way that helps you better understand what influences your behaviours and decisions. Counselling might specifically address experiences of depression, anxiety, shame, self-sabotage, and why your actions might not always align with your values. We will explore your values and character strengths and how this knowledge can help you find meaning and purpose in your work, relationships, family, and life in general.

Executive Counselling

Most leaders in organisations are used to the idea of executive coaching. However, sometimes the support that a leader needs is Executive Counselling. Executive Counselling is not focussed on how to become a better leader. It is counselling with a leader who has recognised that a personal issue is getting in the way of them being the best leader that they can be. Francis Lynch is both an experienced leader and counsellor. Ask for his help.

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