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Angie Paskevicius
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In this Living with Purpose Interview, I talk with Angie Paskevicius who has many hats that she wears and wide range of experiences that she brings to them. In this episode she talks about some of her early experiences and how they have influenced who she has become. This includes the experience of growing up in country Tasmania near an old-style institution for people with disability influencing her choice to become a Speech Pathologist.

Angie has written about her early adult experiences and challenges and how they brought her to WA – see her blog here.

In this conversation talks about she reconnected with her Lithuanian relatives after her father had died. He had come to Australia in his early twenties and he had eventually lost touch with them. A chance encounter a few years ago reconnected Angie with this extended family and has helped her see her father’s story in a new light.

Angie has worked in CEO roles at Therapy Focus and Holyoake for over 20 years, and also been a Non-Executive Director on many Boards, including currently as Chairperson for Interchange WA.

In this episode Angie mentions some quotes:

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

You don’t have to change who you are. You have to become more of who you are.

Sally Hogshead

Know what’s in your suitcase… it’s what matters so much to you that your carry it in your heart everywhere you go. Always make sure you take the time to take these things out and share them with others.

Susan Cain

Angie also mentions two books discussing the power of being an introvert:

Quietly Powerful by Megumi Miki

Quiet Power by Susan Cain