Lou Forster

In this conversation Lou Forster speaks about how she is a connector, bringing people together in social and work situations and breaking down the barriers between people. No wonder she has found herself as Head of Brand & People at Chorus, an organisation which itself has a story of bringing people and organisations together in a very successful merger in WA.

Lou has been working in the human services industry for 20 years and has been in a number of management and leadership positions in organisations and as a Non Executive Director. As a result she’s developed a lot of knowledge and skill, but reflects in this episode about how she’s now valuing the use of conversations with people as a powerful tool in her approach (and mentions Nicky Howe – see episode here).

There’s a lot to reflect on in this episode. At one point Lou reflects on how purpose in life encompasses both her work and personal lives:

“Your resume and your eulogy very rarely have the same things in them. And sometimes we can spend our whole life building the resume. But at your funeral even if you have been hugely successful in your career It’s very unlikely that anything in that career will be what people will talk about. So, I guess I don’t know where or when I heard that, but I thought, okay, as much as I need to put work into building my resume, I also need to make sure that there are some things to say in my eulogy.”

Lou mentions:

Ear Hustle podcast

Drive by Daniel Pink

Chorus Voices Podcast

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman