Lucy Morris

In this conversation with Lucy Morris she explained that her main role in life is tell stories of meaning and purpose. At the time of this conversation Lucy was the CEO at Baptistcare, and a priest, a wife, a mother, a grandmother – the list goes on. I’ve known Lucy for over 20 years and I was struck in this conversation how she has grown into her beliefs and convictions in a such a powerful way. I encourage you to have a listen to the conversation as there is so much to learn from Lucy – she is a thoughtful and accomplished leader.

I’m telling stories into the heart of the system and to the outer edges of the system. I’m trying to humanise and make visible the preciousness and uniqueness of the work that is done

Lucy is someone who has reflected and learnt from the experiences in her life. A very telling comment she made in this interview was:

When I stepped into Anglicare and I met people for the first time who were open and advocating around social justice issues – and I was rocked – absolutely rocked – all my middle class aspirational stuff came into question for the first time. So my young adulthood was shifted. And then when I got a job at MercyCare. For the first time I stepped into an organisation led by women, designed by women, seen through the eyes of women. And for the first time, the very first time, I saw female leadership in all its glory, and goodness me, this is very different.

Here are just a few of the other things that Lucy said in this conversation:

I’m particularly interested in telling stories of social justice, so I tell stories in that space, and particularly stories about women As I be a priest, it’s not about doing – as I be, that’s who I am in the very fabric of my being, then that informs everything else that I do, and that informs how I live in the world

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Resources Mentioned

Thomas Merton book – Seven Story Mountain Authors mentioned:

Hannah Arendt

Miroslav Volf

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Elizabeth Johnson

Noam Chomsky

Naomi Klein

Poets mentioned:

Maya Angelou

Denise Levertov

Clive James

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