Rachael West

Rachael West has had a number of disparate pathways that have led her to be the founder and director of Finding Yoga. She’s been an engineer, worked in social enterprises, studied circus performance, and trained at an advanced level in yoga. If you get to meet Rachael all this seems logical and plausible. She’s a person who keenly observes her world and who is very interested in the people she meets.

I was keen to interview Rachael as I have experienced her as someone who appears to think deeply about what she does, but also has a lightness about her that I’ve experienced as gentle confidence. In the course of this interview I came to see that she has many sources that have influenced her and that she is always learning.

Resources mentioned

Apithology – Will Varey

Brainpickings blog by Maria Popova

liberated body podcast – Brooke Thomas

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

Book by Oliver Sacks 

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