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There are some people, more than others, who make me smile. Suzanne Waldron fits into the category of those who do. She has an energy and authenticity that is infectious. What comes across in this interview is that Suzanne knows this about herself and has worked out how she can use her ability to get on with people to help them live better lives. Suzanne specialises in the field of human behavioural change and holds a master’s degree in applied coaching and neuro linguistics. Suzanne works with individuals and organisations across Australia and internationally. She is a motivational speaker, coach and facilitator who influences long lasting positive change starting with self.

People don’t come to me saying they’re really happy, can you help me stay there. They come because they’re transitioning, they’re moving from one place to another

In 2015 Suzanne published her book “A Flourishing Mind”, which I really should have read before I went and interviewed her. It’s a personal book reflecting on her own life experiences and explores how they have shaped her. But it is more than just an autobiography – it explores the meaning in life events and Suzanne expands from her own story to what the reader may also be able to learn and reflect upon. It’s a great read. But in a way I’m glad that I came to the interview without prior expectations from the book, to be able to listen to and hear Suzanne talk about her experiences of trauma, homelessness, and family breakdown. And also, to witness how she has used her experiences in ways that have forged a deep and clear life purpose. Suzanne stated her purpose as:

I don’t want anyone to get to the end of their life and look back on it and think that that’s not who I wanted to be. Who, not what.

Suzanne has built her life now around being joyful, connected to people, and helping others to be the same. I get a sense that a lot of what she does with people is to help them be connected to themselves and their purpose, and to flourish.

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