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Nicky Howe has done a number of different things in her life, and yet as this interview unfolds there appears to be thread of continuity which sews it all together. Her focus on relationships seems to be the golden thread that guides her path. Whilst she says that she didn’t recognise what her values were until her mid-thirties, Nicky lives a life which is congruent with them, and a life where she has found purpose in a range of different activities.

Nicky works as the CEO of Southcare, and publishes a website at that has details on her coaching, retreats, leadership development, and her writing.

During the interview Nicky talks about:

Ontological CoachingNewfield Institute

Emerging Leaders in Governance Programwebsite

Alan Sielerprofile

100 Womenwebsite

Soroptimist Internationalwebsite

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