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Lynda Rose is a mother and grandmother and has done many things in a full life. In this interview she talks widely about some of the things that have influenced her and led her to where she is now. She’s finding purpose in her life through a focus on health and wellness and she’s finding ways of bringing her knowledge and energy to people that she has the opportunity to work with. She’s particularly focused on the food that we eat and how that can influence our health and the way that we feel.

Lynda has a special focus on supporting women, which has also led her to practice as a Doula, which is a companion role for a woman who is giving birth.

She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma a few years ago, and is now living with disease free. But this experience has had an impact on her life and influenced her current life choices. She is living with an energy to help other people to live healthy and well lives, and for them not to wait until they have a significant life challenge.

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