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Penny Robinson is a Lecturer at Monash University, doing a mixture of research and teaching.  She volunteers for the I CAN Network, and is one of the Young Adults group leaders for Aspergers Victoria.  She also likes cycling but hasn’t done much of it over the past couple of years. She was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at the age of 14.5, in Year 9, in 1997.  In 2015 it is 18 years since her diagnosis!

A full bio and description of some of her work at Monash University can be found at this link.

I met Penny at the Progress Conference in May 2015 in Melbourne, which was full of people living with purpose. I apologise for the audio on this interview – I promise I’m much better with the technology in later interviews.

Some of the links mentioned in the interview include:


(twitter) @I_CAN_Network   #AWEtismRethink
(Facebook – page)
(YouTube playlists)

Watch the #AWEtismRethink video.

The article in “The Age” about Penny – link

A blog Penny wrote after presenting at the Asia-Pacific Autism Conference – link